Inclined and height-adjustable shelves made by Pommier-Furgocar are the most advanced and functional solution in box shelving, with the following technical specifications:

All system parts are made of anodized aluminium in order to meet all hygiene and cleanliness specifications inside the box. When open, shelves facilitate the arrangement of merchandise and ex-van sales. An important detail is that the last profile of each shelf protrudes in order to restrain the merchandise. This is also assisted by the slope of the shelves towards the wall of the box.

When transporting pallets, shelves are folded up so as to free up the entire space of the box.

Shelves fold up or down in the easiest possible way, increasing functionality Shelves are comprised of anodized aluminium profiles to enable the proper circulation of air around the products. Each support can carry a weight of 50kg when evenly distributed on the shelf.

There is also the option of ordering custom-built fittings tailored to the needs of the client.

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