In this case the box is separated into two spaces at different temperatures by means of a partition that is fully moveable over the entire length of the box, with the added option of being suspended from the ceiling. The solution we recommend is the latest and most advanced automatic system made by Furgocar.

The system features the following:

  • Special mechanisms inside the rails (6 small ball bearings on each rail instead of sliding on greased Teflon), which make moving the partition easier than in any other similar system. Furgocar is the only company to manufacture such ball-bearing mechanisms, which have been tested to function even after 10 years of continuous use.
  • Absorbers (two for small partitions and four on larger ones) with variable hardness (from 1500 to 2500Ν) make lifting the partition a piece of cake.

In this way, the partition can be easily moved over the entire length of the box by a single person in order to adjust the area of the two spaces at different temperatures (e.g. freezer compartment at -18οC in the front – refrigerated compartment at +2 οC in the back or refrigerated compartment +2 οC front and dry cargo back etc.)
Of course there is always the option of hooking the partition to the ceiling, with the entire box of the vehicle forming a single space for products needing the same temperature.

  • The materials comprising the automatic partition system are:
  • The partition panel
  • The special rubber profiles and brushes for the panel
  • Reinforcement of the ceiling for mounting of the partition
  • Aluminium rails on the ceiling to enable sliding of the panel along the length of the box The lateral tracks for fixing the panel
  • The absorber-enabled sliding and hoisting mechanisms along the length of the box and on its ceiling
  • Components for anchoring of the panel to the sides of the box.
  • The fan-enabled system for alternating the temperature between the two compartments Cab control system enabling control and adjustment operations from the driver’s cabin

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